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Face Fit Testing

Fit Testing is required for all tight fitting respirators (also referred to as masks and facepieces).  This includes all disposable and reusable half and full face respirators, BA masks and Escape Sets. If your staff wear tight-fitting facepieces in the workplace then you are required under HSE legislation to provide evidence of a fit test for each different make, model and size of respirator they use.

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Portacounting (Quantitative Particle Count Testing)

Test4Fit use the TSI Portacounting quantitative ambient particle counting face fit testing method. The Quantitative Portaount method can be used to fit test all types of tight-fitting masks including disposable, half and full face masks. Quantitative tests give an objective assessment of facial fit and provide a direct numerical result called a Fit Factor.


FFP2, FFP3, Disposable, Re-UsableTesting

The Quantitative Ambient Particle Counting method is a suitable test process for all tight fitting face-pieces. The Portacount method measures the ratio of particles inside and outside the face-piece and provides a numerical result called a Fit Factor.

As in all other face fit testing methods, the wearer should perform a series of exercises during the fit testing procedure (for further information see INDG 479 Protocols which provides comprehensive details on fit testing including exercises and pass levels).


What We Provide

  • Tailor made quotation for your organisation to provide fit testing and any of the additional services mentioned below

  • On-site face fit testing - half and full day availability

  • Provision and delivery of suitable training material

  • Advice and guidance on selected RPE

  • Fit testing on a full range of disposable, reusable and BA respiratory protection

  • HSE-compliant certified reports which will be provided to the wearer and the organisation for inclusion in the RPE Management Records

  • Fit Testing Program Management Advice 

  • Provision of masks and filters for purchase


Why Choose Test4Fit?

  • 10 years face fit testing experience using the TSI Portacount test method

  • Experienced in testing a wide range of RPE 

  • Test4Fit offer a competent and comprehensive service

  • Test4Fit will ensure that your staff have been correctly tested have the confidance that their RPE will protect them in the workplace.

  • Simply email or call to discuss your requirements or to arrange face fit testing for your staff

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