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Our Background

Rod Smyth founded Test4Fit in mid 2020.  He has over 10 years experience of Face Fit Testing having first trained as a fit test operator in 2010 and recently gained his Fit2Fit Accrediation as a Fit Test Provider.  For the past 10 years Rod has worked in the public sector, predominately with the emergency services both in NI and the UK.  Rod comes with background in confined space working and has experience with respiratory protective equipment both as an end user and fit tester.  He is committed to providing the highest standards of excellence and quality customer service.
During the Covid pandemic the number of sub-standard masks flooding the market raised concerns for those who could potentially end up wearing unsuitable, non-certified masks to provide respiratory protection.  The need for quality face fit testing was greater than ever.  Test4Fit was established with the aim to offer quantitative face fit testing (Portacounting) to provide the wearer and the employer the assurance that the selected RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment) provides the required protection stipulated in HSE RPE guidance.  Face fit testing ensures unsuitable RPE is identified and rejected before being used as a respiratory protective equipment in potential hazardous environments.  Rejecting unsuitable RPE ensures protection for key health workers and other staff who require protection in their workplace.  Test4Fit aim to ensure good quality and correctly fitted RPE is provided to our customers.

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