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Why Face Fit Testing is so important!

Last weeks face fit testing highlighted why this is such an important part of the selection process for companies purchasing Respiratory Protective Equipment (masks / respirators) for their employees. Not one single pass out of the 9 tests carried out, not even close. The FFP2 masks simply were not what their manufacturer claimed them to be, just another example of cheap imports not fit for purpose. The unfortunate thing is, many companies and employers are buying these and similar quality masks for their employees and not offering face fit testing to ensure they actually provide the necessary protection. This not only breaches HSE guidance but more importantly exposes their employees to potential long term health problems. If you’re a supplier or provider of RPE it’s your responsibility to ensure they are suitable and adequate for the end user, the workers who rely on the product to ensure their safety in the workplace and ultimately to protect their health. There are sufficient Fit2Fit accredited competent fit testers available across the UK so please look them up and use them!

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