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The average cost for a complete renovation of a 3 bedroom home is $25,000 to $100,000 and $40,000 to $180,000 for a 4 bedroom renovation. These renovation costs range from standard renovations to full cladding and renovations. : The specifics of an ADU conversion will cause a wide variance in the costs associated with bringing , paint. On average, a DIY bathroom remodel will cost less than half of what a general contractor , will charge, but it will take considerably more time. For a full bathroom remodel, itrsquos recommended to hire a professional. A general contractor will do the job faster and better than the average DIYer and will subcontract electricians and plumbers to make sure the job is done right. The overall cost of hiring a professional is worth the time you save and the headaches you avoid if you try to complete the project on your own.average price for bath fittersBefore hiring shower installers near you for your bathroom remodel, be sure to: In addition to the coatings, Bain Magique offers a complete bathtub and shower replacement where we remove the existing fiberglass tub or shower and install a brand new tub or shower and , a seamless single wall. If you have a bathtub and want to turn it into a complete shower enclosure, Bain Magique can do it too. Most are familiar with a general-purpose bathtub thatrsquos relatively shallowmdashabout 14 inches deep or lessmdashand is often made from budget-friendly acrylic. Many general-purpose tubs are tub/shower combos and cost an average of $200 to $800. Theyrsquore good options for childrenrsquos bathrooms but may not provide enough bathing room for most adults. Bath Fitter says on their FAQ page that ldquoa Bath Fitter acrylic tub liner or acrylic shower is guaranteed for as long as you own your home.rdquo Bath Fitter even backs this up with its Lifetime Warranty, which makes the same promise. """"""""



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